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Group eXercise is a popular way to get in shape and stay in shape.  We offer many forms of group fitness from Zumba ® to Yoga and everything in between.  Come see our newly renovated swimming pool and try out our water aerobics.

There are a lot of positive aspects to group fitness. First off is motivation. When you workout as a group you have to answer to someone when you are not there. In addition you have moral support from other class members encouraging you to reach new heights.

Second, is the class is led by a qualified instructor who will meticulously look for safety and who will teach you about important aspects of exercise such as correct posture, proper breathing, balance, flexibility and much more.

The Third plus is Group eXercise is a change from the boring old running on the treadmill. Our group fitness classes are energetic, challenging and best of all fun. So what are you waiting for? Come try a couple classes today.



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